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  • The new School is wonderful the large class rooms are great.  Looking for a long time to find a traditional school with the will to teach.  The training at this school is second to none.  My children love the classes and all the attention. Love it!

    New Testimonial
  • I had participated in boxing and kickboxing for over 10 years prior to coming to Iron Bridge. I have also observed many years of Taekwondo, as my son progressed through his ranks. Unlike either of these prior experiences, Sifu Marshall and those at Iron Bridge, actually train students to fight. The forms are taught with purpose and intent, not simply memorized for the sake of belts or sashes. There is also focus on the internal aspects of Kung Fu, physical conditioning, breath, mental and physical relaxation. What I did not expect is the comradery of those enrolled in the school. It is a great group of students with varying levels of experience and skill, each willing to help the others. We often find ourselves staying after class and socializing, and even sometimes attending non-school activities together. I'm learning a lot, look forward to class every day, and am seeing myself progress week by week. 

    JEH (Student)
  • I studied Kung Fu under Andrew Marshall at Iron Bridge Martial Arts almost 30 years ago as a kid. I was thrilled to find out that he was teaching again right here in Mandeville. In the few months I have been back with them I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes, exercise, and community. I find that both my body and mood have benefited greatly from the classes. Do yourself a favor and check out a class or two, you won't be disappointed!

    Rich (Former and Current Student)
  • I have trained in many different types of Martial Arts since I was a child. I have experienced good and bad instructors. I can honestly say Sifu Marshall is the most knowledgeable kung fu master I have ever come across. When you learn from Sifu, he will patiently explain each move and its reason behind it. His expertise in Martial Arts is unparalleled. Kung Fu is also incredible for self improvement. When you can learn from a true master, an opportunity like this should not be passed on. Unfortunately, I have moved away and can no longer train with Sifu. I have yet to find a Martial Arts school as good as Iron Bridge MAA. 

    Tayson (Former Student)
  • Amazing classes. Everyone helps each other. Has improved my daughter's self esteem immensely.

    Yolanda W
  • So glad I was able to find this place! Tai Chi has really helped me gain balance, perspective, and has major health benefits! Thank you so much for opening this school!

    Hannah Sweeney
  • Great school. Offers kids and adult classes.

    Joe P
  • This school is a real deal traditional martial arts school not for the faint of heart! Go Drew!

    Don H
  • Anyone looking to study martial arts could not find a better teacher and mentor than Andrew Marshall!

    Robert J.


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