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Andrew Marshall

Sifu Andrew J. Marshall Jr. has studied Martial Arts since 1968 and over the years has studied and mastered a number of systems. His main system is Northern Sillum, which is composed of Northern Bak Pai Sillum, Lo Hon and Wong Tai Chi. He studied and trained under Sifu Juke Ning Gee who trained under two great masters, Grand Master Kin-Fung Ma and Yem Sam Mo. Great Sifu’s of this lineage include Master Danny Ma, Master Raymond Wong, Master Paul Chew and Master Wong Jack Man. The Northern Bak Pai Sillum system of Martial Arts is a complete system encompassing all aspects of Martial Arts training. The men who have trained and handed down this system of Martial Arts are of the highest moral caliber. They spread the complete philosophy of the art, not just the physical (Self-defense, including kicking, punching, throwing and joint manipulation and the methods therein), but also the mental (confidence, respect, integrity, responsibility, courtesy, perseverance, judgment, commitment, honesty, passion, strength and courage) and the spiritual (a moral sense of fair play and the difference between right and wrong).

Andrew Marshall has had a diverse education in the arts. He has also trained in Wing Chun, Choy Li Foot, Pa qua, Sing-I, Qigong, Bando, Silat, Eskrima, Kempo, Shotokan, Tai Quan Do and others. His knowledge of these systems is extensive.

Along with being a lifelong student of Martial Arts, Andrew has also been trained in martial arts teaching methodology, herboligy and Moxibustion (a traditional Chinese medicine therapy) from Sifu Gee.

Andrew Marshall has been a Martial Arts instructor for over forty years. He has worked as an instructor and school owner since 1972.

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