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Here at Iron Bridge Martial Arts Academy we strive to build more than just strong bodies. We work instead to develop the whole person, in body, mind, and spirit. Our martial arts curriculum is one of the best in the industry originating from thousands of years of development.

The roots of our development program are our core values. These values are what we believe makes up the most respectful, proficient, and sensitive martial arts practitioner. It is the duty of the teacher (master) to ensure that there are no bad students. An instructor should lead the student in a moral and just direction; the student must diligently follow. It is the master's duty to prepare his pupils for the road ahead and the responsibility that is to come.

We would like to take a look at the values we teach. There are 12 values that stand as the pillars of our school. Let’s begin by taking a look at the main three that dictate the form of martial arts we study.

The first of our core values is courage; whether it be physical or moral. The second is strength and its many defined attributes. And the third is confidence (Kung Fu) and the key role it plays.

Courage: Courage is the ability and willingness to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation. Physical courage confronts physical pain, hardship, or danger. Moral courage is the ability to act ethically and morally in the face of popular opposition, discouragement, shame, or scandal. At Iron Bridge, courage is the mental, moral, and physical strength we instill in our students necessary to confront the challenges they are likely to face in their daily lives.

Strength: At Iron Bridge, while forms and power are important, we embrace more than physical strength. We embrace the moral strength to do the right thing at all times, to build a better stronger body, and the strength to stand firm in your beliefs. When faced with adversity, we at Iron Bridge believe that a moral foundation that supports a powerful body will best serve our students’ mental preparedness.

Confidence (Kung Fu): The confidence we instill and encourage at Iron Bridge Martial Arts Academy is built on a foundation of learning, leadership, and hard work. A student willing to regard the power of trust and reliability with their utmost passion will find instructors willing to invest wholly in their success. Regardless of outcome, our students will remain positive as they develop new skills and hone learned principles. Kung Fu, is the source of all confidence and is foundational to the achievement that Iron Bridge Students can expect.

The three pillars of Bak Pai are the pillars of our School and the first three core values that we profess. Find courage in the face of adversity.  Become strength to stand firm in what you know and believe to be just. Possess confidence and your spirit will know it’s power.

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